The Ann Myers Award

Recognizes individual commitment and expertise in mentoring educational leaders and generously sharing his or her time and wisdom with prospective administrators. This award is named after NYSAWA's founding chairperson.

The Amy Bull Crist Award

For a superintendent who supports leadership development of women  and girls, who models the NYSAWA mission. This award is named after the first woman district superintendent in New York.

The Jane Bullowa Award

For individuals who have made significant contributions within their own specific field, supported the advancement of women in educational leadership and continue to champion the NYSAWA mission.

The Linda Tinelli Sheive Award

For a person with vision to innovate, to bring about change based on what can be rather than what was or what is; for a person with perseverance to overcome hurdles, both personal and professional, to achieve his/her vision. This award is named after NYSAWA's previous executive director.

The Maxine Giacobbe Award

For those who demonstrate exceptional work with children from diverse populations, including children of color, to reduce gender inequities and  promote outstanding achievement. This award is named after NYSAWA'S first executive director.