NYSAWA Women's Executive Coaching

Advancing gender diversity through leadership development 

Nationally, women hold 24 percent of school superintendent positions, and 27 percent in New York state. These numbers are substantially lower for women of color. Women hold fewer leadership positions in school administration in general both in New York and nationally. This initiative aims to improve these numbers and create greater gender diversity within school district and BOCES administrative teams.

Through a unique partnership between executive coaching specialists from Tenshey, Inc., Capital Region BOCES, and the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA), women school administrators can take advantage of executive coaching programs. 

The goal of this opportunity is to move the needle for diversity in educational leadership through career development, goal setting and professional support. Both NYSAWA and BOCES believe that all organizations are strengthened when leaders value and honor equity and diversity. Further, the Tenshey services are unique because they are created by women for women. The programs are designed to help women find their authentic voice in a male-dominated profession so that the opportunities that come with bringing true gender balance to an organization can be fully realized. 

How it Works 

  • Tenshey’s programs are designed to strengthen women’s authentic leadership voice and create a clear plan of action for development areas.
  • Programs are designed to create a pipeline of women for top educational leadership positions. Sitting superintendents would benefit, as well as teachers, principals, directors, assistant superintendents and others. 
    Registrants will choose from one of two different programs:
    • Sprint: Career coaching for leaders at any level. 

      • Four (4), one-hour 1:1 virtual coaching sessions 

      • Two (2), half-hour coach-manager or sponsor calls

      • Tenshey Coaching Discovery Plan, which includes setting measurable outcomes. 

      • Focus areas may include: leadership and communication, emotional intelligence, productivity and performance, operational effectivenes

    • Transform: Designed to support administrators in accelerating their career growth.

      • Twelve (12), one-hour 1:1 virtual coaching sessions

      • Various personal strengths assessments and up to five 30-minute phone conversations with professional contacts

Note: Registrants must be a member of the New York School Association of Women in Administration (NYSAWA).

What to Expect

  • Grow and Gain Confidence in Your Leadership Skills - Coaches are thought partners who help women leaders clarify their goals, grow their potential and mitigate internal interference. Participants will shift their thinking from individual contributors to self-advocating for leadership roles, a positive shift toward feeling empowered and belonging at their organizations. 

  • Personal and Confidential Coaching - Because honesty and trust are the most important factors in the coach-client relationship, coaches are carefully selected for participants through a discovery and chemistry-matching process. All communication with coaches is 100 percent confidential. Learn more about the Tenshey coaches. https://tenshey.com/our-team/

  • Network With Other Developing Leaders - As individuals register for the programs and cohorts are established, participants will have the opportunity to network with other developing leaders.

Registration for the current cohort is not currently open. Please check back.


Program costs are based on the number of education professionals enrolled.

Sprint Program Pricing:

  • 1-4 members, $2,875 each
  • 5-9 members, $2,588 each
  • 10+ members, $2,300 each

Transform Program Pricing:

  • 1-4 members, $11,500 each
  • 5-9 members, $10,350 each
  • 10+ members, $9,200 each

Video: Tenshey Community Stories

“My imposter syndrome was through the roof thinking, ‘Why does everyone think I can do all that's required of me?’ Now it's not just about myself but about the fact that my whole person is being seen by my organization.”

Marsha, Director 

“Part of how helpful [my coach] has been has to do with openness and readiness to needing help. My coach has increased my openness to learning and has broadened my horizon for growth.”

Caroline, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Note: Fictitious names have been used to protect the privacy of our members.