Various Positions, Nurses Middle College Charter High School


The Nurses Middle College Charter High School – Capital Region
(NursesMC-CR) is an innovative charter high school founded by the
nursing profession as a solution to increase diversity of underrepresented
racial and ethnic groups in the nursing workforce. This unique model
serves students in grades 9-12 in a fully immersed nursing college and
career pathway program, NCCPP high school curriculum. NursesMC-CR
graduates earn a high school diploma, workforce certificates, and college
credits that transfer to a post-secondary degree in nursing or other
advanced healthcare provider degree program.

The mission of the Nurses Middle College Charter High School – Capital
Region is to prepare a diverse population of students to become the
highly educated and professional nursing workforce of the future. Our
vision is to create an innovative high school experience that is
student-centric, structured to foster a supportive learning environment,
and committed to developing the skills, knowledge, and passion
necessary to excel in the nursing and allied health professions.
NursesMC-CR is a sister school to the Rhode Island Nurses Institute (RINI)
Charter High School, located in Providence, RI. RINI is the model, flagship
charter high school whose leadership team is guiding and supporting the
start-up of other “like” schools across the United States.

Positions the school is hiring for include:

  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Science Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • English Language Arts Teacher
  • College and Career Readiness Teacher

Application Deadline: