Executive Coaching

Want to take charge of your career and become a leader you know you can be? Our Executive Coaching program can help. With personalized coaching and career development tools, educators in all roles will gain the skills and confidence to lead… and succeed. 

A partnership between the New York Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA), Capital Region BOCES, and executive coaching specialists from Tenshey, Inc., the Executive Coaching program is designed to address the unique challenges and experiences faced by women and others traditionally underrepresented in leadership positions, providing them personalized support and guidance to reach their full potential. 

The program offers educators at all levels and in every role the opportunity to strengthen their professional skills, build a supportive network with peers, and set clear goals for becoming strong, inspiring, and effective leaders. 

Path to leadership success

Participants in the Executive Coaching program work closely with Tenshey’s professional coaching team to develop and implement strategies that can radically shift their mindsets and habits, impacting for the better how they work, lead, and succeed.  

Aspiring and current educational leaders can choose from two different tracks: Sprint, which is designed to help develop essential skills for these roles, and Transform, designed to help those already in executive roles boost their careers through coaching and assessments.

Coaching program options

Sprint: Career coaching for leaders at any level

The Sprint Program is a career development and sponsorship training program for professionals at any career level. Using a sponsor-driven approach, the Sprint Program incorporates structured conversations between the member and his or her sponsor to target specific areas for personal and professional development. The Sprint Program includes: 

  • Four (4), one-hour 1:1 virtual coaching sessions 
  • Two (2), half-hour coach-manager or sponsor calls
  • Tenshey Coaching Discovery Plan, which includes setting measurable outcomes. 

Focus areas may include: leadership and communication, emotional intelligence, productivity and performance, operational effectiveness

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Transform: Designed to support administrators in accelerating their career growth

The Transform Program is designed to support leaders in accelerating their growth through talent coaching. Participants will strengthen their leadership voice and personal brand and create a clear plan of action for development with the help of an executive coach.  The Transform program includes: 

  • Twelve (12), one-hour 1:1 virtual coaching sessions 
  • Various personal strengths assessments and up to five (5), 30-minute phone conversations.

Focus areas may include leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, productivity and performance, and operational effectiveness. 

Coaching sessions at both levels begin after participants have selected a coach they feel connected with.

New York School Association of Women in Administration (NYSAWA) membership is required to participate in this program. Learn about becoming an NYSAWA member.

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What to expect

  • Confidence in your leadership skills: Coaches are thought partners who can help participants clarify their goals, grow their potential, and reduce self-doubt. Participants will be empowered to advocate for leadership roles they deserve.
  • Personal and confidential coaching: Coaches are carefully selected for each participant; all communication between coaches will be confidential.
  • A network with other developing leaders: Participants will have the opportunity to network with each other.