Organization FAQ

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Organization Structure

Q: What is NYSAWA’s organizational structure?
A: NYSAWA is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 membership organization and is a New York State corporation.

Q: What is NYSAWA’s means of financial support?
A: NYSAWA sustains itself through revenue of membership dues, event revenue and sponsor/partner support.

Q: How can I get involved with NYSAWA?
A: There are several ways to get involved with NYSAWA, including attending our state or affiliate events, volunteering for a committee, or serving on the organization’s board of directors. You can also connect with other members through our member-exclusive online community.  If you’d like to learn more about getting involved with NYSAWA, contact


Q: What is the role of sponsors in NYSAWA?
A: Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting the initiatives, events, and programs of NYSAWA. They provide financial or in-kind contributions that help NYSAWA fulfill its mission of empowering women in administration and promoting professional growth.

Q: How can a company or individual become a sponsor of NYSAWA?
A: To become a sponsor of NYSAWA, interested companies or individuals can fill out the application form on our website. 

Q: What benefits do sponsors receive for supporting NYSAWA?
A: Sponsors of NYSAWA receive several benefits depending on their sponsorship level, which may include:

  • Brand visibility and recognition at NYSAWA events, publications, and marketing materials.
  • Opportunities to showcase products or services to NYSAWA’s diverse membership base.
  • Access to networking events and the NYSAWA community, fostering potential business relationships.
  • Recognition as a supporter of women’s empowerment and professional development.

Q: Are sponsorships limited to companies, or can individuals also sponsor NYSAWA?
A: Both companies and individuals can sponsor NYSAWA. The organization welcomes support from all entities interested in promoting the advancement of women in administration. Individuals who value NYSAWA’s mission and want to contribute to its success are encouraged to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Q: How can I find more information about sponsorship opportunities with NYSAWA?
A: For more information about sponsorship opportunities with NYSAWA, visit the sponsorship section of our website.