About Us

The New York State Association of Women in Administration (NYSAWA) offers opportunities for networking, professional development, and advocacy that support and elevate women in educational leadership. We believe when women have access to opportunities for professional growth and development, they are better poised to make significant contributions to their organizations and the field of education.

Since 1990, NYSAWA has been committed to advancing gender equity in educational leadership and promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its work. We believe that by empowering women in leadership positions, we can create more equitable and successful educational institutions.

NYSAWA welcomes all individuals who share this goal.

NYSAWA offers a variety of resources, including professional development events, networking opportunities, and advocacy initiatives. Our events  provide valuable support for educators and aspiring educational leaders to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas and learn from experienced professionals.

Elevating leaders through collective effort

Our organization and its regional affiliate chapters are run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to advancing our mission and supporting our members. 

Through valuable partnerships and a growing membership, NYSAWA actively advocates for equity in leadership. This is the work of many and we are always looking for new members and volunteers to join us in this important work. 

NYSAWA believes we all can play a crucial role in supporting and advocating for women’s leadership in education. While NYSAWA’s focus is on advancing women’s leadership, all are welcome to join the organization, participate in its activities and affiliates and present at NYSAWA events. 

Together, we can create a more equitable and diverse educational leadership landscape. For more information about NYSAWA, contact nysawa@nysawa.org


The mission of NYSAWA is to relentlessly pursue the growth and promotion of women at all levels of leadership.


  • Women make a positive difference as leaders.
  • Women are catalysts for others to reach their full potential.
  • Organizations are strengthened by valuing and honoring equity and diversity.
  • Pressing ahead enriches the lives and leadership of women.
  • Women and men who work together strengthen organizations.